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5310 Grant Tips

March 02, 2020

Wany to know more about the Federal 5310 Grant Application?  Trying to decide if you should apply?  Try our 7-page guide, which is an easier read than the official application guide.  It is important to understand all the information in the official guide.

How Mobility Management Supports Your Community

October 22, 2019

Use this One-pager to customize an explanation of how mobility management programs benefit your community.  Use for Legislators, community members, and stakeholders to help explain programs and benefits.

5311 Grant Tips

February 21, 2020

Use this guide to assist you with some of the basics of this NYSDOT (New York State Department of Transportation).   It may help your agency determine if you qualify, and what you need once you qualify and whether or not this funding will address your needs.  5311 is a reimbursement program.

A Resource Guide to Volunteer Driver Program Best Practices

June 05, 2018

A comprehensive guide to creating and running a volunteer driver service created by the Institute for Human Services Mobility Management Program in Steuben County

Appalachain Regional Commission

June 08, 2018

The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) is a regional economic development agency that represents a partnership of federal, state, and local government.   The Appalachian Regional Commisssion, creates maps, and conducts research and evaluations on key economic, demographic, and quality of life factors that affect the current and future development prospects of the Appalachian Region. The most frequently requested reports, maps, and data are available online.

Schuyler - Tompkins Bus Connection

Bus route connecting Tompkins and Schuyler Counties, with easy connections between Schuyler County Route 6 and TCAT Routes 20 and 14 at the Enfield Park and Ride and Cayuga Medical Center.  Two Morning routes, one mid-day and two afternoon routes help connect residents to medical appointments and jobs between the two counties.  $2 fare one way.

County Fact Sheets

A collection of demographic information and transportation services to serve as a foundation of information for decision makers across the region.

Directory of Services

A collection of transportation services, initiatives, and projects in the region that can be updated by program operators. 

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Volunteer Driver Guide
Schuyler Bus

Learn about transportation options in 10 counties (Southern Tier NY) and plan trips.  Use the link above.

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